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Nashville, TN 37208
American Made


Golden Apothecary is a Nashville based small batch business that thoughtfully creates whole, all natural, and safe body products using prolific herbs and oils. We make everything with holistic health in mind. There are only simple ingredients that you can trust to be naturally free of synthetics, parabens, and cruelty free (not tested on animals, just us). 

Our Story

Julia Rizzo and Rachel Snyder quickly became good friends as they learned they shared the same passions and interests--both massage therapists, advocates of natural products and medicine, healthy living enthusiasts, and essential oil junkies. In the pursuit of wellness both found they were ready to embrace the exploration of these natural healing pathways on a deeper level. Learning about the healing properties of common, local plants, and the many years of personal study of aromatherapy and bodywork inspired them to create products that would be effective, and safe for their family and friends. In this pursuit, Golden Apothecary was born.  Golden Apothecary now provides every day essentials to help you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Whether you suffer from occasional headaches or dry skin or you just want to find safe alternatives to basics like lip balm and moisturizer, Julia and Rachel have you covered. 


Infusing Calendula with Organic Olive Oil.