Golden Apothecary creates all natural body products,
made in small batches.

We GRoW AND use fresh flowers AND herbs, and use oils that you can trust. WE are COmMitTED To PRODUCING cruelty-free PRODUCTS, made with respect to all.


Julia Rizzo, Owner of Golden Apothecary.

Julia Rizzo, Owner of Golden Apothecary.

THE Story

Julia grew up learning about the uses of flowers, and herbs, that thrived in their wild Southern California landscapes from her mother, Lucy Golden, a master gardener and creative soul. Since 1998, Julia’s been sharing her gift as a Massage Therapist & Bodyworker, and incorporating her passion for flower, and herbal medicine into her practice by making oil blends for friends, family, and clients. In 1999, she began studying at the Institute for Psycho Structural Balancing in San Diego, CA, where she holds her degree in Holistic Health and has taught. Over the years she has studied with master healers, herbalists, and stone walkers, honing her craft. After moving to Tennessee in 2004 she was blown away with the change from hot, desert, dryness and into the humid, green, rolling hills of the South, and has loved getting to know the plants and stones that call this home (and lots that don’t!). As a transplant herself she has learned how to adapt to the new land she found herself in, and the herbs have helped to connect her to this place. Honoring her mothers legacy and her passion for empowering others with the joy of well being, Golden Apothecary was formed in 2014. Now, Golden Apothecary allows her to share with a larger community that she is so happy to be a part of.

When you want to feel Golden, we have you covered.